Entrepreneur University For Women (EU4W)

What IF...? You Could Receive $5,000 For Business Coaching

Entrepreneur University For Women (EU4W) (

THEE ONE STOP-GO TO PLACE for Women Entrepreneurs!
With the launch of our new business model our entire vision and mission is to empower and inspire women entrepreneurs to:
  •          Develop 6 Figure Passive Income Streams & Million Dollar Enterprises
  •            Inspire Connections & Collaborations
  •           Eliminate Self Sabotaging Mindsets
  •           Simplify & Systematize our business
  •          Create the Lifestyle of Choice & Freedom
We do this through a guaranteed e-learning program (, masterminds, business coaching, ADVENTURE BUSINESS COACHING, branding, financial management services and much more.              

If you had a coach helping you strategize, keep accountable, and dig in deep to what you really want – where would you be at the end of this year? 

We would like to extend to you an offer that may make this possible:

Three Ways You Can Use Your $5000 Grant!  

Once you have applied and qualified there are three ways that you use your $5,000 Grant  money:

1. Gift it to another women entrepreneur
  • That could benefit from coaching services
  • Brand new business owner (
  • Aspiring business owner and hasn’t started yet
  • A women that is currently in business and would like to go to an entirely new level  
     2. Group Consulting
  • Access to our weekly group consulting sessions for one year (valued at $5000)
  • These sessions are delivered by one of my joint venture partners and experts in the  marketing and small business development industry
    There are three different levels for these programs:

Adventure Coaching Program

Apply this $5,000 grant to the Adventure Coaching/Consulting program
Work one on one for an entire year with me and my team
Create a six figure business and set up a million dollar enterprise

Create the lifestyle of YOUR Choice and FREEDOM.