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Maria Blon loves helping people do what SPARKS their Passion! By encouraging each of the 20 authors for this book, she is creating a beautiful community of passionate people! Maria has been an interactive teacher and presenter for over 27 years. Her career began teaching mathematics at the community college level, and then expanded to teaching college success and yoga classes. Maria involves people in the process of learning and experiencing life in new ways! Discussion, writing, simple meditation and inspiring videos are included in Maria's repertoire. Maria’s volunteer work in Haiti and the United States plus her passionate desire to help people lead happier lives all contribute to Maria's zest for lighting up the world with joy! Maria's ability and all her contributor's abilities to overcome life challenges offer readers hope for their lives. Maria is now a Motivational Speaker, Author and Life Coach, helping people find, live and share their passions through her company SPARKS! 

Sparks Fly as a New Indiegogo Campaign to Publish Book Gets Underway Author, Maria Blon launches a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo as she aims to get her new book ‘Sparks of Passions’ published and distributed.

For more information and to make a pledge, visit the Sparks of Passions Indiegogo campaign page -  

Middletown, NY, USA April 10, 2014 – Motivational speaker, life coach and author, Maria Blon, has today announced that she has launched an Indiegogo campaign with the aim of getting her book ‘SPARKS of Passions’ published and distributed worldwide.

SPARKS of Passions is about twenty authors, stemming from all different walks of life. These authors had to overcome some rather big challenges in life, and did so to find their passion. The book focuses on how the readers of the book can also find their passion, no matter how hard life seems at the moment.

“I have wanted to write this book for so long and I am so delighted to announce that I have finalised it,” said Maria Blon, author of Sparks of Passions. “With the help of these twenty authors and close friends, every reader of the book will definitely take something from it as it shows how anyone can overcome life’s challenges, no matter how big they seem. For instance, these authors overcame addiction, homelessness and a general lack of direction, but still managed to find their way in life by putting their passions first. I want you to meet these authors and you can do on each and every page of the book, where you’ll experience their passions. Firstly though, we need to overcome some of our own challenges, which is where my new Indiegogo campaign comes in. This book needs to be read, but to do that, we need the help of the public to reach our goal. I strongly believe that we can do it!”
The Sparks of Passions Indiegogo campaign needs to hit a goal of $14,567. At the moment, the pledges stand at $1,891, which is approximately 13 percent of the total needed to ensure this book is published and distributed.

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Maria and the book’s authors are eager to be interviewed for the radio, TV, newspapers and magazines! Do you have a group of people that needs inspiration? Talk to Maria to schedule a date for her to speak, raising everyone’s energy and joy!